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Play a Game: Feel Much Better

Play a Game: Feel Much Better

We want to share a genuine story of how technology and games can change lives. 

Our journey started out at the Children’s Medical Center.

 As I sit here in total awe of the beautiful blessings my sons have been blessed to receive is the care and support to their illness. The doctors and nurses are a blessing. 

One will never enjoy seeing their children battle, deal or be uncomfortable while facing health complications. Somehow you make the best of the situation and teach your child/children to be Strong. 

Random words will never be enough to express how thankful we are on the days that we are in the clinic and there is a distraction created while playing an electronic video device.

During those visits, he enjoys playing any and all of the gaming systems. The fact this is offered in this setting is a beautiful thoughtful blessing. It is almost as if he forgets why he is here. The gaming system offers so much extra support! 

From my heart, as a mom to this journey, I cannot thank you enough for the acts of kindness to have the gaming systems as an option for patients like my son! The gaming systems definitely makes a positive difference!

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